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Little rose babies

Already a few seeds of La Belle Sultane have sprouted and the first true leaves are starting to unfold. For me this is truly a miracle to see.

la Belle Sultane-0565

la Belle Sultane-0557

la Belle Sultane-0555

A few seeds of La Belle Sultane were left in the plastic bag and today I saw that some of these seeds also have begun to sprout. The seeds of Général Kleber are still dormant, but I’ve decided that they probably have been long enough in the refrigerator and I have put these seeds in pellets and placed them under the growlight. I’m very anxious to see if the seeds of this moss rose will germinate and maybe grow into a new moss rose.

la Belle Sultane-0553

la Belle Sultane-0549




Today the first sign of germination of the seeds from La Belle Sultane, after being in the refrigerator since November 2013. The seeds of Général Kléber are also looking promising. They will have to stay for another week or so in the refrigerator. I have placed the seeds of La Belle Sultane in small peat pellets and placed them in a plastic container, covered with a transparent lid under a grow light. I read that the light should be on for 16 hours a day.

Hopefully in six to eight weeks the rose babies form their first bud and can I see the color of the bloom.


Harvesting seeds

Today I’ve started with an experiment and harvested my very first rose seeds. This week I’ve collected a few ripe hips from the moss rose ‘Général Kléber’ and the gallica rose ‘La Belle Sultane’. I have never ever sown roses from seed, but I thought it would be nice to give it a try. I’m especially curious about possible seedlings from the moss rose. Who knows, maybe one of them will be a new moss rose.

When I opened the hips to harvest the seeds, I was suprised about the size of the seeds. I don’t know why, but I always imagened that they would be much smaller (a bit like tomato seeds), but actually the seeds are quite large and easy to handle. Next, I cleaned the seeds by placing them between a folded, wet scrubby sponge and rub the sponge together with the seeds.  After that  they where put on a wet paper towel, and next in a plastic bag. Now the seeds remain for at least eight weeks in the refrigerator. Hopefully in a few months I can post updates about the progress.

hip La Belle Sultane

hip La Belle Sultane

seeds La Belle Sultane (before cleaning)

seeds La Belle Sultane (before cleaning)

seeds Général Kléber (before cleaning)

seeds Général Kléber (before cleaning)

seeds Général Kléber (after cleaning)

seeds Général Kléber (after cleaning)


seeds La Belle Sultane