The Flower Wedding

This lovely poem was send to me by rose nursery De Bierkreek and received from Muriel Parkinson, who was looking for the rose ‘William Allen Richardson’. The poem was found by her friend, Gillian Hill from Little Norton (Somerset, England), in a Cookery Book written there by her grandmother, Mrs R.M. Minchinton before she was married. A small calendar in the book is dated 1910. We do not yet know where the quotations came from. The name William Allan Richardson referred to in the poem is a Yellow blend Noisette developed and introduced in France by the Widow Ducher in 1878.

Gillian said that her grandmother was a governess and moved around the various parishes with the vicar and his family, finally arriving in Norton sub Hamdon, Somerset (England), where she married and settled down.

York and Lancaster

York and Lancaster

What did the Bride look like on her best behaviour?                   Prim-rose

What did she become when her lover kissed her?                       Blush-rose

What was the Bridegroom’s name and nature?                            Sweet William

What was his native place and one fault?                                      London Pride

Where did the Bride and Bridegroom come from respectively?     York and Lancaster Rose

What did his rival call the Bridegroom?                                          Cocks Comb (Anemone)

What were they when his Engagement became known?            Cyclamen

What did he declare his love to be?                                                Everlasting Rose

What did the Bride steadily refuse to do?                                      Marigold

In what was the Bridegroom’s money invested?                          Stocks

Who drew up the Marriage Settlement?                                       Jon-quil

What were the six Bridesmaids names?                    Violet, Rose, Daisy, Marguerite, Lily and Pansy

What colour were their dresses?                                                   Pink

What colour was the Bridegroom’s gloves?                                 Lavender

Who was the best man?                                                                  William Allan Richardson

With what borrowed flowers was the Church decorated?        Lent Lilies

What did the wedding cause in town?                                          Aster

How many came to the wedding?                                                 Flocks

How far had the Bridegroom travelled that morning?              Chain and Mile

What were the two Breakfast dishes?                                          Sweet Pea, Cherry Pie (Heliotrope)

What were the Bride’s parting words?                                          Forget-me-not

What did they throw after the Carriage?                                       Ladies Slippers

What did they call out after the Carriage?                                    Speedwell

What places did they visit and what did they hear?                    Canterbury Bells

William Allen Richardson ©De Bierkreek

William Allen Richardson ©De Bierkreek

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