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More moss roses

Although space is limited in my garden, this week I again ordered some more new (old) roses to expand my collection of moss roses. From Germany I will be receiving: ‘Précoce’, ‘Blanche Double’ and ‘Mme Clémence Beauregard’. In the Netherlands more roses from rose nursery De Bierkreek are heading  my way. They are: ‘Lucie Duplessis‘, ‘Marie de Blois’, ‘Mme Édouard Ory’, ‘Pelisson’, ‘Soupert et Notting’, ‘Zoë’ and ‘Centifolia Muscosa’. My collection of moss roses is starting to grow rapidly, but is sadly not nearly as large as I would like. I need more planting ground :)


Précoce (picture taken at the Rosarium Sangerhausen in June 2013)