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Harvesting seeds

Today I’ve started with an experiment and harvested my very first rose seeds. This week I’ve collected a few ripe hips from the moss rose ‘Général Kléber’ and the gallica rose ‘La Belle Sultane’. I have never ever sown roses from seed, but I thought it would be nice to give it a try. I’m especially curious about possible seedlings from the moss rose. Who knows, maybe one of them will be a new moss rose.

When I opened the hips to harvest the seeds, I was suprised about the size of the seeds. I don’t know why, but I always imagened that they would be much smaller (a bit like tomato seeds), but actually the seeds are quite large and easy to handle. Next, I cleaned the seeds by placing them between a folded, wet scrubby sponge and rub the sponge together with the seeds.  After that  they where put on a wet paper towel, and next in a plastic bag. Now the seeds remain for at least eight weeks in the refrigerator. Hopefully in a few months I can post updates about the progress.

hip La Belle Sultane

hip La Belle Sultane

seeds La Belle Sultane (before cleaning)

seeds La Belle Sultane (before cleaning)

seeds Général Kléber (before cleaning)

seeds Général Kléber (before cleaning)

seeds Général Kléber (after cleaning)

seeds Général Kléber (after cleaning)


seeds La Belle Sultane

Rose hips

Summer has gone fast and autumn is allready halfway. The last few months I haven’t done much work in the garden and I feel that my roses are being somewhat neglected! There are new roses in pot still waiting to be planted out and some of the older rosebushes need a light autumn pruning to prevent the longer branches from being damaged by strong autumn winds. There are stil a few roses in flower, such as the Austin roses, but last month I was pleasantly surprised to see the very first flowers in R. moschata, Felicia and Bon Chance, which were planted in January of this year.

William Shakespeare 2000-2_bewerkt-1

William Shakespeare 2000

Bonne Chance-3_bewerkt-1

Bon Chance (Mike’s Old Fashioned Pink)

But autumn does also have some good qualities: the old roses are showing their colored hips. The gallica La Belle Sultane has beautiful flowers, but probably even more beautiful hips, as are the hips of Géneral Kléber.

2013-08-24 Fru Dagmar Hastrup (2)

Fru Dagmar Hastrup

2013-09-08 Gallica Officinalis (4)

Gallica Officinalis

2013-09-08 General Kleber (5)

Géneral Kléber

2013-09-08 La Belle Sultane (9)

La Belle Sultane

Quatre Saisons-4_bewerkt-1

Quatre Saisons