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Rose hips

Summer has gone fast and autumn is allready halfway. The last few months I haven’t done much work in the garden and I feel that my roses are being somewhat neglected! There are new roses in pot still waiting to be planted out and some of the older rosebushes need a light autumn pruning to prevent the longer branches from being damaged by strong autumn winds. There are stil a few roses in flower, such as the Austin roses, but last month I was pleasantly surprised to see the very first flowers in R. moschata, Felicia and Bon Chance, which were planted in January of this year.

William Shakespeare 2000-2_bewerkt-1

William Shakespeare 2000

Bonne Chance-3_bewerkt-1

Bon Chance (Mike’s Old Fashioned Pink)

But autumn does also have some good qualities: the old roses are showing their colored hips. The gallica La Belle Sultane has beautiful flowers, but probably even more beautiful hips, as are the hips of Géneral Kléber.

2013-08-24 Fru Dagmar Hastrup (2)

Fru Dagmar Hastrup

2013-09-08 Gallica Officinalis (4)

Gallica Officinalis

2013-09-08 General Kleber (5)

Géneral Kléber

2013-09-08 La Belle Sultane (9)

La Belle Sultane

Quatre Saisons-4_bewerkt-1

Quatre Saisons